Fast, convenient, effective marine heat exchanger cleaning

Buildup of marine growth is the #1 reason that boat engines overheat. Deposits from barnacles, calcium and lime cause overheating and malfunction in water-cooled engines.Overheated engines are not only inefficient, they are a safety risk.

But as boaters know, engine issues can be complicated, time consuming and costly — taking previous time from a short boating season in the northeast. Whether your boat is a hobby or the source of your livelihood, you want it working well so you can spend your time on the water.

To solve this problem for his customers, marine technician Tom Beaton created Cool Flow, offering a faster, more efficient system for cleaning marine heat exchangers. Cool Flow drastically reduces the downtime traditionally required for descaling marine engines and seawater-cooled equipment.

Rather than disassembling the engine to remove and clean the heat exchanger, the Cool Flow process circulates a barnacle-busting chemical through your seawater cooling systems on site, right at the dock. We use products from TRAC Ecological, a trusted industry leader whose products are used by luxury yachts, shipyards, industrial marine vessels and pleasure crafts worldwide.

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