DSCN0067Cool Flow mobile marine heat exchanger service offers a dockside process to reduce overheating on marine engines and systems. We use environmentally friendly TRAC Ecological Marine Products to descale your engines, refrigeration system, generator and A/C systems. We bring the equipment to your dock, clean the engines, and get you back out on the water.

Cool Flow was established in 2014 to offer mobile marine heat exchanger services to boaters in the northeastern US. We work on all types of marine engines and systems: diesel and gas engines, outboards, inboard/outboards, refrigeration systems, generators and A/C systems. We are experienced, reputable and fully insured.

About The Process


Cool Flow’s service technician uses this portable flushing unit from TRAC’s line of environmentally friendly products.

Using a closed loop system, we attach a hose and circulate the chemical through the engine into the heat exchanger, immersing it in a non-toxic, biodegradable chemical which removes barnacles, calcium and lime deposits and debris which can impede the flow of seawater through the engines and cause overheating.

Traditional solutions for addressing overheating engines required disassembly of the engine to remove the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger would be sent out to be cleaned, then returned and reinstalled – resulting in significant labor costs, coordination and up to a week or more of downtime.

Because Cool Flow’s process does not require disassembly of the engines, in most cases, it takes only 3-4 hours per engine, resulting in reduced labor expense and little or no downtime. Learn more.

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About Tom Beaton, Marine Technician

Tom has been in and around boats since he was a teen. Starting as an apprentice at Brown’s Yacht Yard in Gloucester right after high school graduation, Tom has worked in various marinas and boatyards up and down the East coast. He worked in boat sales and as a marine mechanic at Cape Ann Marina and as service manager at Crocker’s Boat Yard in Manchester, MA.

With over three decades of experience working on boats ranging from large yachts to small runabouts, Tom is exceptionally well versed in marine engines and systems. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the marine industry, including air conditioning, refrigeration, and gas and diesel engines of various types. A marine surveyor and technician, Tom is owner of Tom’s Mobile Marine, based in Rockport, MA.

Tom’s formalized training included a two year program at East Coast Aero Tech in Bedford, MA, which provided practical experience working on electrical and hydraulic aspects of airplane engines. Tom also attended Outboard Marine School, where he received hands-on training.

With New England’s short boating season, Tom understands that his customers want any maintenance issues resolved quickly so they can get back out on the water.Overheated engines result in expensive repairs and frustrating downtime.

Upon learning about the heat exchanger cleaning process, Tom realized that offering a mobile service to remove calcium and lime buildup in the engines and heat exchangers would provide great value to his customers.

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“This is a great product and process. It is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable process and causes no harm to internal and external engine parts.”