Keep your engines cool

Whether boating is your livelihood or your hobby, you know the importance of taking good care of your engines. Both for financial and safety reasons, keeping them running efficiently is an imperative.

The marine environment naturally causes growth on your engines which can affect their efficiency – or worse, cause serious overheating. Barnacles, calcium scale and lime deposits can impede the flow of seawater through the engines, causing them to overheat.

Traditionally, resolving an overheating issue has been a frustratingly slow and costly experience, as the engines must be disassembled in order to remove and clean the heat exchangers.  That’s why we introduced Cool Flow, our mobile marine heat exchanger cleaning service.

Minimal down time

The Cool Flow process flushes a biodegradable marine industrial solution through your boat’s engines to remove mineral deposits and debris which can impede the flow of seawater and cause overheating. The product can also be run through air conditioning units, refrigeration systems and generators to keep them running in optimal condition. And best of all, it’s done right at the dock and usually takes no more than 6-8 hours for a twin-engine boat.

Our experienced marine technician brings all the materials needed for the job. We use top-line Trac Ecological Marine Products solutions, which are effective and environmentally friendly and will not adversely affect gaskets, hoses, seals or through-hulls.

Before and Afters

These pictures show how the product cleans the blocked up heat exchangers.

These pictures show how the product cleans the clogged heat exchangers.

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Pamper your engines

If your engines are currently running hot, contact us right away to get them back in shape and get you back out to sea, safely. If you don’t currently have an overheating concern, schedule an appointment before fall winterizing and haul-out, heading south for the winter, or spring commissioning.

Generally, engine descaling should be considered part of your preventative maintenance activities, like cleaning strainers, oil changes and replacing fuel filters. We offer appointments seven days/week. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Price of the service is dependent upon size, number and condition of engines, A/C and generator systems. Typically the process takes 3-4 hours per engine (less than one hour for a generator).  Additional charges may apply for parts that need replacing (zincs, impellor, bearings, pump). Payment is due at time of service.

Engines we service:

  • Caterpillar
  • Detroit
  • Cummins
  • Yanmar
  • Volvo
  • Perkins
  • Westerbeke
  • Mercruiser
  • Crusader